Sightseeing Alankuda on Two Wheels

For those who wish to keep the pace of sightseeing and exploration in their own hands, cycling is the answer. We ensure to make an experienced Guide available to take you around the Alankuda area. You can explore Alankuda and it’s surrounding the simple eco-friendly way.

Visit places of interest like the Salt Dunes, Sand Dunes, the little harbour ports, fishing villages and shrimp farms in the area. You will feel like a local by hanging out with the locals. See how the locals live and get by in their daily routines. You will feel a sense of belonging and respect by observing the engagement of the locals’ livelihood in the small communities.

You can join in to play a little bit of roadside game of cricket that young children and youth alike play with much enthusiasm. They will gladly teach you the game in a short crash course!

You will be pleasantly surprised by what a diverse community of people live in the Alankuda area of Puttlam district. You will see how different ethnic and religious cultures intermingle and live in cohesion side by side. The Islamic Mosques, Buddhist temples, Catholic churches and signs of Hindu Kovils will leave you with an array of colourful memories to reflect on the little island of Sri Lanka. Puttlam also Stop at a wayside Fruit stall to quench your thirst with a refreshing young King coconut from a local vendor. Sri Lankans are recognized to be a friendly and hospitable set of people you can experience this outside your Hotel in the local community.

Our Bicycles are in top safety conditions and well geared to paddle through the sandy terrains of Alankuda. You can plan out your excursion with our guide upon your arrival in Alankuda too. Bring those sunshades and your footwear for a long paddle on two wheels!


Cycling Free of charge (subject to availability)

Useful Tips

  • Bar Reef Resort offers bicycles free of charge for you to roam freely and do your own exploring of the area.
  • Cycling can be arranged any time of the day on availability.