Dolphin Watching

Dance to the playful rhythm of Dolphins

Schools of Dolphins hundreds strong can often be seen playfully spinning and frolicking along the Alankuda-Kalpitiya coastal belt.

Among other Dolphin groups, Spinner Dolphins are mostly spotted in Alankuda-Kalpitiya waters. These spectacular creatures will leave you wanting to return for another sighting of their magnificent acrobatic displays in the water and air. These Aquatic mammals will ensure you get an unforgettable joyful memory.

November through March is the best time of the year for Dolphin watching in Alankuda-Kalpitiya coast, Sri Lanka. The seas are calmer and the pods gather to feed in the warm rich waters of Alakuda-Kalpitiya.

These friendly mammals will love to amuse you by following the bow of the boat you will be travelling on. Be sure to take your camera. The pods playful high pitched communication can be heard if you listen carefully. The Dolphin songs can be quite astonishing.

Our local guides who will take you on your Dolphin watching trip will surprise you how accurately they read these beautiful intelligent mammals of the deep blue waters of Sri Lanka.

We at Bar Reef can arrange you a two-hour dolphin-watching excursion that begins at 07:00 a.m. We guarantee Dolphin sightings in Kalpitiya. However, in the rare instance where you don’t get a glimpse of the pods, we reassure you another sighting on the very next turn.

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Best Times

  • Daily Dolphin watching excursions begin at 07:00 a.m.
  • Best period for Dolphin watching is between November – March
  • Private group excursions can be arranged.
  • All safety gear will be provided during the boat ride.