Snorkeling in Alankuda, Sri Lanka

Explore beneath the pristine blue ocean

The Bar Reef in Alankuda, in particular, will leave you mesmerized by the beauty and wonders beneath the waves you will experience while snorkelling in Alankuda.

If you love to float around and explore the pristine blue ocean this is the place to see for yourself. Beautiful coral formations, bursting with colourful marine life unique to tropical ocean waters of Sri Lanka will leave you relaxed and in amazement.

You can be guaranteed to spot a myriad species of fish and other beautiful interesting tropical inhabitants. Molluscs, Manta Rays, Sea Turtles and Reef Sharks are few of the tropical marine friends you could have a close glance at. The untouched and still undiscovered underwater world of Alankuda is unique to the coastal belt of the Northern Peninsula of Sri Lanka.

A short boat ride will take you to the best snorkelling sites in Alankuda-Kalpitiya. You will be briefed on the use of equipment and safety measures to experience your snorkelling exploration. For the more experienced snorkelers, Kalpitiya Reefs and Underwater marine life will be a feast to your eyes.

If you wish to capture your snorkelling experience in Alankuda, Sri Lanka on film be sure to bring your underwater camera with you to video or photograph the colours and creatures that call Alankuda-Kalpitiya and surrounding ocean their home.

Be captivated by the underwater world of Alankuda-Kalpitiya in the northern peninsula of Sri Lanka.

Useful Tips

  • Season is from Early-November to mid-April.
  • Snorkeling trips start at 0800hrs and again 1400hrs.
  • The largest coral reef in Sri Lanka (Bar reef Marine Sanctuary) .
  • Bring your own Snorkeling gear or rent it from the instructing school.