Kitesurfing in Alankuda-Kalpitiya

Glide on the Waves and Winds

Alankuda-Kalpitiya is considered a Kitesurfing paradise!

Glide on picturesque waves and feel the winds as you ride on the best possible waves for Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka.

As some say, Dolphins and Kitesurfing are what attracts people to the beautiful coast and inviting golden beaches of Alankuda. The near perfect weather conditions along the beautiful Alankuda coast and strong winds blowing, it tops the list for experienced Kitesurfers. With wind speeds between 17-26 knots Alankuda-Kalpitiya is a Kitesurfers dream come true.

It’s the ideal starting point for beginners with Kitesurfing instructors who will guide you through your very first moves and safety measures at Kitesurfing as an adventure sport.

Alankuda-Kalpitiya is not only widely popular in Sri Lanka but has also gained a rapidly growing popularity as one of the very best Kitesurfing locations in South-East Asia. Alankuda-Kalpitiya has turned into a little treasure for Kitesurfing enthusiast across the world.

The Kitesurfing schools in Alankuda offer sessions at several times of the day depending on the course you are interested and your schedule the schools will personalize your splendid Kitesurfing schedule on your Vacation in our beautiful emerald island.

Adventure and excitement awaits you on Alankuda-Kalpitiya shores with a guaranteed Adrenaline rush!

The Ultimate Destination for Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka – Alankuda

If you’re a Kitesurfing adventurist and are wondering what your next destination should be, look no further than Alankuda, located in Puttalam District in the fabulous island of Sri Lanka. As one of the top destinations for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, the gorgeous peninsular of Alankuda-Kalpitiya checks all boxes for the perfect kitesurfing holiday in paradise – it boasts stunning beauty, it has super winds and kitesurfing spots for all types of kitesurfers and it has excellent IKO certified training instructors, schools and equipment.

There is something for all skill levels of kitesurfing in Alankuda-Kalpitiya – beginners will enjoy learning how to kitesurf on the lovely flat water lagoons, while serious kiters can surf super wave riding spots in the Indian Ocean. In addition, there are several sandbanks and tiny islands nearby, which make for exciting kitesurfing excursions. Another reason why Alankuda-Kalpitiya is ideal for kitesurfing is that this area is relatively uncrowded, and kiters can enjoy peaceful sessions among serene settings.

To top it all off, Alankuda has amazing accommodation options such as Bar Reef Resort, plus it is located in close proximity to tons of incredible sights and sounds of Sri Lanka, ensuring your holiday here is complete.

The best time for kitesurfing in Alankuda: May – October & December – March

Kitesurfing in Alankuda is affected by monsoonal weather. There are two seasons that are ideal for kitesurfing in Alankuda-Kalpitiya: the South West monsoon season which is the most preferred and the North West monsoon season.

  • The South-West monsoon season occurs from May to October, where kiters can experience strong south-west winds averaging 20-25 knots, peaking at 30 knots almost daily throughout the day. This is the best time for kitesurfing in Alankuda-Kalpitiya.
  • The North West monsoon season occurs from December to March, and this brings a lot of wind days to the area. This is usually known as a mini kitesurfing season as the winds are relatively mild and range between 15-20 knots for about 4-6 days a week. The advantage of choosing a kitesurfing holiday during this time is that the sea is calm and perfect for other activities such as snorkeling, fishing and dolphin and whale watching!

Search for actual wind forecasts for Alankuda-Kalpitiya through Windguru to determine the best time to visit.

The best kitesurfing spots in Alankuda: Kalpitiya Lagoon & Kappaladi Lagoon

There are several kitesurfing spots in Alankuda-Kalpitiya for beginners and advanced kiters. Those that are interested in flat water, freestyle and freeride and need lessons will enjoy Kalpitiya Lagoon, which is approximately 20 km away from Bar Reef Resort, and Kappaladi Lagoon, which is approximately 7 km away from the Resort. Expert kiters can head on to the Indian Ocean, which presents an amazing 500 m long wave that unrolls during May – October (South West monsoon) that is perfect for exciting wave riding sessions.

Some of the most popular kitesurfing excursion spots in Alankuda-Kalpitiya include:

  • Dream Spot/Vella: This is a narrow sand strip that separates the lagoon from the ocean that has world class kite surfing conditions due to its remarkable position and angle of wind.
  • Donkey Spot/Sethawadiya Lagoon: This relaxing spot is perfect for freestyle, free ride and wave riding and has small, clean waves that are ideal for riders looking to hone their skills.
  • Kappaladi Lagoon: If you’re looking for something more challenging, then this spot is perfect with its strong winds and long waves. The offshore reef is also ideal for more adventurous kitesurfers.

Kitesurfing excursions in Alankuda

We offer kitesurfing safaris to our guests, which are tailored according to your skill level and requirement. From short speed riding sessions on flat water to daily excursions of wave riding on the ocean, we cater to all requirements. We also organize downwinders and island hopping trips to explore the tiny islands around the lagoon to combine adventure and sightseeing. We provide all the necessary transport and packed lunch and refreshments if required.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Alankuda-Kalpitiya

Beginners and serious kiters should take kitesurfing lessons in Sri Lanka with an IKO certified kitesurfing instructor at a kite surfing school in Alankuda in order to make the most out of your experience in Sri Lanka. There are several such schools situated approximately 20 km from Bar Reef Resort that have excellent IKO certified instructors with proper equipment for you get started on your kitesurfing adventure. There are VDWS certified schools in Alankuda-Kalpitiya for those that need to update their internationally recognized kitesurfing license card, which indicates competency for windsurfing, kitesurfing and other water sports.

There are several types of lessons available depending on your skill level and classes can be conducted on a group basis (which is relatively cheaper) than individual lessons. However, one-on-one instruction is the best way for faster learning. Courses for beginners span three days, while those with prior experience kitesurfing can opt for a shorter duration of lessons.

Those that are not sure if kitesurfing is right for them can try out a Discovery Course, which is a short lesson that includes the basics of kite-control and safety features. If interested in continuing, they can then opt for Beginner Courses, which will go into more detail such as selection of kitesurfing locations, wind direction, kite flying, safety, bar and lines set up, rigging and de-rigging, launch and landing and so on. The IKO certified trainers are experts at what they do and are extremely passionate about the sport – this will definitely help you get the most out of the sport! If you’re a serious kiter with prior experience that is looking to improve your skills, then there are Advanced Courses available for you as well. IKO certificates are awarded following the successful completion of each level and are included in the course prices.

Kitesurfing Equipment in Alankuda

There are several water sports centers and kitesurfing schools in Kalpitiya that have kitesurfing equipment available for purchase or rental. Most schools will include rental of equipment in the course price if you’re interested in lessons. If you do not need lessons, you will also be able to rent out equipment; rental of full equipment costs approximately 60 € for one day. Individual equipment such as kite boards, kites, harnesses and boots can also be rented. Many kitesurfers enjoy buying their equipment from Sri Lankan kitesurfing schools, which allows them to actually learn to kitesurf on the equipment that they buy for future use at affordable prices.

Ten Reasons to Kitesurf in Alankuda-Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

  • Kitesurfing opportunities for all levels – beginners and advanced kiters.
  • Diverse kitesurfing sports from flat lagoons to wavy Indian Ocean.
  • More wind days in Kalpitiya than any other area in Sri Lanka.
  • Amazing wind conditions from May to October; milder winds from December to March
  • Excellent kitesurfing schools with passionate and enthusiastic IKO certified instructors
  • Discovery, Beginner & Advanced Courses for all skill levels with VDWS International Certification
  • Exciting excursions to gorgeous islands nearby
  • Excellent kitesurfing brands and full/individual equipment available for rent or purchase
  • Opportunities for guests to do other activities such as dolphin and whale watching, snorkeling, safaris, cultural excursions etc.
  • Perfect pristine scenic location that is relatively uncrowded with beautiful accommodation options.

Bar Reef Resort is perfectly suited to enjoy your kitesurfing adventure in Alankuda, Sri Lanka. Enjoy chilled out accommodation with remarkable views, divine dining options and excellent service. We also offer transport and coordinate your kitesurfing activities with kite schools for your convenience.

  • Best Kitesurfing periods is May to October.
  • Book a beginners or advanced course before your arrival.
  • Check on available gear from your Kitesurfing school.
  • One on one private lessons are possible.

Special packages for kitsurfers

All packages includes Accommodation at Bar Reef Resort & Transfers to flat water lagoon by car and boat


  • Beginner course (9 hours individual)

    Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc.

    € 768

    Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc.

    € 890

    Beginner course (9 hours group)

    Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc.

    € 678

    Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc.

    € 799


  • Full kitesurfing equipment rent (7 days)

    Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc.

    € 707

    Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc.

    € 830