Waterskiing & Wind Surfing

Splashing the waves for adventure

Waterskiing and windsurfing are both available in several coastal areas of Sri Lanka. This was especially concentrated to the south of the island until very recently. Alankuda-Kalpitiya in the northern peninsula, however, is less crowded and gives you the privilege over other water sports destinations available on the Sri Lankan coast.

You will be sure to have more time to spend on your skiing or surfing adventure than having to wait in line or watch out for the water adventure traffic in a physically limited space of locations in the south.

Alankuda-Kalpitiyas open waters will make you feel like you have the entire stretch of coast to yourself. Of course, you would find a selection of licensed Water skiing and Windsurfing companies that are willing to guide you with your water sports adventure in these tropical ocean waters of Sri Lanka.

Most parts of the year excluding the monsoon periods, many surfing enthusiasts flock to the golden beaches of Alankuda-Kalpitiya for long surfing holidays.

As with Kitesurfing the ideal wind conditions and the perfect balance of waves of the wonderful coastal belt in Alankuda-Kalpitiya bring surfing enthusiasts over and over again to return to this little surfer’s haven.

Some visitors return to Alankuda-Kalpitiya to Surf and ski as if it were an annual ritual.

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Useful Tips

  • November to April the excellent conditions for both water-skiing and donut rides.