Kayaking in Alankuda

Feel one with nature, explore Sri Lanka’s Biodiversity

Sea Kayaking in Sri Lanka is still somewhat a novel idea locally. Though fresh water, Lagoon Kayaking on the Kalpitiya Lagoon was introduced sometime ago, Sea Kayaking is still a new and a refreshing experience in the eyes of the locals.

The bio diversity of Sri Lanka will leave you wondering what more our Emerald Island has to offer. Biodiversity of the coastal Puttlam district is encapsulated in Kalpitiya, leaving many Nature lovers and Researchers coming back for more. Kayaking on the water bodies will give you the real feeling of being one with nature. Unravel the mysterious Biodiversity that Sri Lanka offers you right here, Kayaking in Kalpitiya.

It is also the perfect way to spot the wild occupants of the Sri Lankan mangroves and get a closer view of the aquatic creatures including Dolphins in their natural ocean habitat. Bird watching from your Kayaking vessel is a favourite among the Kalpitiya Lagoon and Mangrove excursion visitors. Observe the otherwise shy species in their tropical Mangrove homes of Kalpitiya and Puttalam Lagoon.

We can arrange for a snack or refreshment to be served on your Kayaking vessel. You will also encounter the local small scale fishermen on your Kayaking expedition. You can also see the backwaters of tiny village settlements that make their livelihoods either from Kalpitiya coast or the local mangroves. The emerald green mysterious waterways of Kalpitiya await to be explored!


"Kayaking in the sea is free of charge & Kayaking in the Lagoon there will be a supplementary charge”

Useful Tips for Kayaking in Sri Lanka

  • Best Time for kayaking in the sea is from November to mid of April.
  • Kayaking in the lagoon can be done throughout the year.
  • Kayaking is a slow paced sport where you pace at your own speed.
  • All safety gear will be provided during your Kayaking experience.